Every Family Has A Secret

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Ep 1
Angela Hamilton searches for the truth about her brutal father, whom she suspects had collaborated with Nazis during World War II. And Actor David Field searches for his real Dad. A death bed confession by David’s grandfather more than 25 years ago raised questions over his paternity and now a DNA test holds the answer.

Ep 2
Li Ying Andrews travels with her daughter, Olivia, to the country of her birth, Taiwan – searching for her true identity and a family who disappeared 60 years ago. Marie-Anne Keefe, adopted as an infant, goes in search of her biological father.

Ep 3
Lance Innes investigates the mysterious life of his father who had multiple identities, multiple families, and left a trail of secrets spread across the world. Was he an international spy or a conman? Michelle White investigates her mother’s hidden criminal past and finally unlocks her Mum’s secret, discovering why she did time in one of the country’s toughest prisons.

Paul Morris wants to discover if his father was a Russian spy. Paul has felt estranged from Australia since his father David Morris was publicly named at the Royal Commission on Espionage in the 1950’s following the Petrov Affair. Was David Morris a card carrying Communist or traitor to his country?

Nurse Marie O’Connor has spent a lifetime without her Italian father by her side. She was told by her mother’s Lithuanian family that her Dad was responsible for the death of her brother Aldo in the days prior to Marie’s own birth and that he was ‘a bad man’.

Ellis Treleaven’s real identity has been kept from her for more than half a century. A birth document reveals her father was not her Dad and that she was born in a Czech concentration camp with her father listed as ‘unknown’. Ellis discovers why her mother lied to her, who her father is and how she came to be born in one of the worst places on earth.

Elizabeth Brierley knows her sex worker mum Louise McLaughlin was five months pregnant with her when her boss, brothel madam Shirley Finn was murdered in Western Australia. Her mother provided an alibi to a suspect on the night of the suspected contract killing and in the days following helped organize Shirley’s funeral. Elizabeth’s mother died before Elizabeth could discover the identity of her father who she suspects may be one of the corrupt police involved in the murder investigation.

Kerry Stevenson believes her mum kept secrets. Prior to her second marriage her Mum Joan Stevenson supposedly led a glamorous life as a Hollywood actress, dancer and model. Kerry wants to separate fact from fiction.

Matthieu Heimel was born in the Philippines and placed in an orphanage at a young age before being adopted by a French family.. DNA testing led him to his African American biological father, but his search for his mother took an unexpected turn ….listed as missing, presumed murdered. Is she alive with a new identity or dead, and if so, what were the circumstances around this tragedy?

  • Awards


    Every Family Has A Secret

    Series 1: Finalist 2019 ATOM Awards for Best Documentary – History category

  • Credits

    • Writer / DirectorSteve Peddie, Russell Vines
    • Series ProducerClaire Forster
    • Field ProducersPhillipa Hutchison, Christian Horgan, Robin Eastwood, Julie Raffaele, Judi Barrett-Lennard
    • Line Producer / Production ManagerRobin Eastwood
    • Director of PhotographyTorstein Dyrting ACS, Nigel Tomkinson, Tim Hawkins
    • EditorsRoland Smith, Steven Robinson ASE, David Fosdick, Nick Dunlop
    • Executive ProducerCelia Tait
    • ComposerAsh Gibson Greig
    • Sound RecordistsGlenn Martin, Brett Stayt, Laurie Chlanda, Ben Ohayon