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Who Flew First coming to ABC

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Who Flew First  -  Challenging the Wright Brothers is the latest gem from Artemis International - a spirited docu-drama that debates one of history’s text book assertions. 

The film has already screened in Europe on ZDF and Arte to critical acclaim, and recently Jason Thomas won a  Gold Australian Cinematographers Society award for his work. 
Thanks to director Tilman Remme for being at the flight control and to all of you in the production team and beyond who worked so hard to create this. 
Finally, we dedicate this documentary to the memory of Brian Beaton, Executive Producer, whose passion and expert leadership shines on screen. 

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Who Flew First is a docu-drama about the world’s first motorized flight. History books tell us that the Wright Brothers flew first in December 1903. But Australian aviation expert John Brown claims that the German born immigrant to the US, Gustave Whitehead, flew 2 years earlier in 1901 and he has evidence to back his case. History may not be as certain as we thought.