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Don Hany on his Who Do You Think You Are? experience in SHM article

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A nice mention of Who Do You Think You Are? from Don Hany in a SMH article for his upcoming film Healing. 

Don uncovered his family history in the fifth series of Who Do You Think You Are? Find out more about the series here, and read what Don Hany had to say about his experience below. 

"In April last year, SBS screened Hany's episode of Who Do You Think You Are?, a documentary series that digs into the family histories of well-known figures. Hany was born in Sydney, to an Iraqi father and a Hungarian mother; it was his mother's side of the family that the show chose to explore. 

Sometimes these stories go back several generations, he says, ''but mine was more immediate''. The focus was on his maternal grandfather, a Communist Party secretary in a small farming region in Hungary. ''My mum never understood why he had to be such a cruel man at times, and why his public image was so important to him.'' What he discovered about the brutal events in his grandfather's family background

provoked all sorts of reactions and questions in Hany. It made him think about estrangement, about isolation, about the divide between siblings, about the challenge of trying to understand someone's behaviour without excusing it." 

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