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The Dreamhouse is a finalist in the United Nations Association of Australia Media Awards

The DreamHouse, produced by Artemis International , and screened to critical acclaim recently on ABC1, is a finalist in the United Nations Association of Australia Media Awards, 2014. Executive Produced by Celia Tait and Brian Beaton, and Series Directed by Ruth Cullen, the series was applauded for its fun, empathetic and genuinely thoughtful portrayal of the lives of Kirk, Justin and Sarah as they start to live independently away from their parents.

The Awards recognize those in the media whose work highlights and champions human rights and social justice issues and stimulates public debate and changes in public and private policy.

"We've been delighted and overwhelmed at the response from the audience ", says Celia Tait. "Justin, Kirk and Sarah's colourful world has clearly captured the hearts and minds of many. This latest nomination for a UNNA award is particularly poignant for us given our hope was to change perceptions and challenge prejudice. We are immensely proud of the series and congratulate the talented and dedicated team that created The Dreamhouse. We also thank the ABC and ScreenWest and Lotteries Commission for giving us this opportunity. "

The Awards will be announced in Melbourne on October 24th.

Every so often a TV show comes along that changes the way we think about others, about society, about ourselves. Positively, for the better and in a way that enriches the lives of everyone. The Age

.....and that's what makes that rarest of beasts: important television. Sydney Morning Herald

Whatever you do, you need to see it, because there is no show on TV right now that is as engaging while at the same time actually mattering. Canberra Times

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Artemis International provides television content for national and international distribution and exhibition in all forms of visual media. We specialise in thought-provoking, entertaining television for Australia and the international market and are renowned for making stories that inspire, delight and inform. We are passionate about our programs, and believe we can genuinely make a difference.

Artemis is rich in ideas, innovative in approach, sometimes playful in outlook, and uncompromising in our sense of purpose. Founded in 2000 by Executive Producers Brian Beaton and Celia Tait, we work closely with some of the most talented people in the industry.

  1. Image: Paul McDermott searches for information about his ancestors on his 'Who Do You Think You Are?' journey.


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